A buck would get you an entire meal on the Kalamazoo Mall in 1970 if you dined at Woolworth's.

Woolworth pioneered the five and dime store and food prices weren't much more than that during the Nixon administration. In fact, 35 cents for a bowl of soup sounds like a crime! The Kalamazoo, Now and Then Facebook group shared a delicious find: a 1970 menu from the cafeteria of the Woolworth store on the Kalamazoo Mall.

Shoppers looking to take a break from bargain hunting could get a full meal with all the trimmings for a solitary single. The dollar menu really was a dollar at Woolworth's downtown Kalamazoo in 1970. Remember, that 1970 dollar is equivalent to $6.39 today- are we still eating at Woolworth?

Kalamazoo Now and Then
Kalamazoo Now and Then

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