Last week I informed you about a proposed alcohol ban on sections on the AuSable, Manistee and Pine rivers.  This ban was supposed to take affect for the upcoming summer recreation season which runs from May 24 to Sept. 2.

Well the U.S. Forest Service has just announced that it will delay that ban in order to speak with and address the concerns of the local communities.

The Huron-Manistee National Forests Supervisor Leslie Auriemmo stated:

Individuals and businesses throughout northern Michigan have expressed strong interest in partnering with the Forest Service to address ongoing public safety and environmental issues on our National Wild and Scenic Rivers…We welcome a practical, community-driven solution to these challenges.

This delay came as many businesses stated they would be negatively affected by this ban.  I assume many thought that this ban would drive down the visitors to those areas of the rivers.

You would have thought they would have asked and gotten feedback from the local communities before they announced this policy.  Instead they announced this policy and had to delay it a week later, not making themselves look very good.

Their current policy, as it was written, would affect sections of Michigan Rivers in the National Wild and Scenic River system.

Well for right now you will be able to enjoy an alcohol drink on those sections of the river until they announce any changes to the original policy and a date of implementation.

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