There have been more then 100 UFO sightings in Michigan in 2016 alone. The last one was very close to Kalamazoo.

Reporting and record keeping of UFO sightings in Michigan began in 1969 with a sighting over Dexter, Michigan and was also reported on television. Today, there are several organizations with websites that blog topics from basic sightings to abductions. The Michigan UFO Hunters is one of the largest and also features a radio broadcast.

Then, there is also a record of every UFO sighting in the United States. Here is a link to the Michigan reports from the National UFO Reporting Center. At the time of writing this, the last reported sighting was in Vicksburg, lasting four minutes:

I was on my way to work and looking at all the planes leaving trails in the sky (about 15 to 20 planes in a 20 minute period all leaving huge contrails) I pulled in my work parking lot and saw two black dots which I assumed were hawks but as I looked closer I could clearly tell they were perfect spheres almost like black marbles. They both paused in the sky and one started moving and one stayed still then moved at an angle and it had a bright metallic reflection. It went one way then instantly changed direction and went complete opposite way. They were both parallel moving away from each other, one North, one South. I was on the phone and I hung up and as soon as my camera app opened they both were gone.

So, I called my fiance back and after being on the phone 2 minutes one object began travelling north and I watched it travel about the speed of a plane at probably 400 feet in the air completely silent it was a perfect black metallic orb/spherical shape. Nothing after that and I had to go inside the building at that time.

Have you ever witnessed a UFO or any unexplained object in the sky? Tell us in the comments.

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