It's hard not to get wrapped up in the 2016 Election, what with all the blistering headlines going around nowadays. Composer Danny Elfman is no different, and he's created an original "score" for a video compilation of the most recent debate, complete with orchestra swells while Donald Trump lurks over Hillary Clinton. Elfman commented as such to Funny or Die:

Watching Trump lurching behind Hillary during the debate felt a bit like a zombie movie, like at any moment he was going to attack her, rip off her head and eat her brains.

But he isn't the only one to complement the infamous moment with a soundtrack. Check out others that use music from Halloween, It Follows, Dirty Dancing, Phil Collins and more as the basis for the Combover King's reign of terror. Head below for every known video, as well as our rating. Halloween is officially here.

TITLE: Trump x Hillary - It Follows
If you've seen It Follows, you know that the whole premise is someone always lurking in the background, coming to get the protagonist. This is absolutely perfect.
RATING: 5/5 Grab Em by the Pussy Memes

TITLE: Donald Trump Lurking Behind Hillary Clinton to Halloween Theme 
While there are no vocals in this song, it's perfect in much the same way as It Follows.
RATING: 4/5 Barrels of Bronzer

TITLE: LuckyTV: Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton "Time of my Life" (Official)
Ahhh, the classic. Or as classic as this shit can actually get.
RATING: 5/5 Border Patrol Agents

TITLE: Trump & Hillary - Separate Lives (LuckyTV duet pt. II)
How dare you disrespect the god Phil Collins like that.
RATING: 1/5 Creepy Looks at His Daughter

TITLE: Trump & Hillary - Up Where We Belong (LuckyTV duet pt. III)
Makes sense.
RATING: 4/5 Empty Apprentice Boardroom Seats

TITLE: Trump and Hillary Duet - Rooftop (Mandarin) 川普 希拉利 合唱 屋顶
OK, I'm starting to get confused.
RATING: 2/5 Plagiarized Michelle Obama Speeches

TITLE: Donald Trump ft. Hillary Clinton Duet Japanese Version
RATING: 1/5 Gennifer Flowers Appearances

TITLE: donald trump and hillary clinton 'hello’ Duet
OK, the vocals don't match ... but these two talking about twisting it up is enough for us to include it.
RATING: 3/5 Fuschia Pantsuits

TITLE: Trump Hillary DUET Don't Know Much
Weird, but Aaron Neville's falsetto is enough to make anything like this perfect.
RATING: 4/5 Paul Ryan Damage Control Speeches

TITLE: Baby, It's Cold Outside, Performed by Trump and Hillary Clinton
RATING: 0/5 Stone Cold Stunners

TITLE: Donald Trump ft. Hillary Clinton - Cơn Mưa Tình Yêu (Love Rain) (Duet)
My head is spinning.
RATING: 1/5 Lawsuits Against the Grey Lady

TITLE: Trump and Clinton love duet
Sounds like the kind of song sung by a lonely guy sitting at the bar by himself at a karaoke bar in Tokyo. Which is to say it's totally grating and perfect.
RATING: 5/5 Miss Universe Dressing Room Visits

That's just cheating.
RATING: 0/5 Suspect Sniffles

TITLE: Hillary and Trump Sing "Endless Love”
Sorry, this song belongs to Happy Gilmore at this point.
RATING: 1/5 Well-Timed Hit Pieces

TITLE: Trump v Clinton - Sing duet
More sad boy Asian karaoke jams for your triple Yamazaki rocks.
RATING: 3/5 Lost Endorsements

TITLE: Clinton Trump duet - olvídame y pega la vuelta
OK, we've gone too far. We're sorry.
RATING: 0/5 Actual Policy Points Discussed


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