In her first interview post-debate, Hillary Clinton appeared on The Ellen Show where she and host Ellen DeGeneres talked about the high-drama televised town hall event, including her opponent Donald Trump's bizarre kinesic behavior onstage.

"I could just feel this presence behind me," Clinton shared, referencing Trump's near-constant proxemity to her during her turn to speak. "And I thought, 'Whoah, this is really weird!' And so, I was just trying to stay focused, trying to keep my composure, trying to interact with the moderators, but really for me, more with the people there, and deal with the string of accusations he was putting forth."

"It was clear that my opponent, Donald Trump, was going to try to dominate the space almost to the exclusion of the people who were sitting there...Because of the revelation of the public video, and everything that came out on Access Hollywood, you know, he was really all wrought up, and you could just sense how much anger he had," she added. "And so, he was really trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage."

As noted by viewers and media alike, the GOP candidate seemed to loom over or behind Clinton, as well as follow her around aimlessly, during most of the debate on October 9, creating a sense of invasion of space. (This type of behavior is also used as an intimidation tactic.)

In addition to discussing her opponent's physical behavior onstage, Clinton also admitted that she initially struggled to decide how to use her time speaking: either shooting down the Republican candidate's allegations and false propositions, or directly addressing the questions and concerns of the people at the town hall.

"I’m going to keep trying to talk about what this election should be about, which is people’s lives and our country, and what we’re going to do to help each other," she said.

But if you think Clinton is resting easier now that Trump's campaign has begun to self-destruct thanks to his poor performance at the September 26 debate, a fresh string of sexual assault allegations and the damning Access Hollywood video that was released October 7, think again.

"I don’t want anybody to think this election’s over," Clinton added. "It’s been so unpredictable up until now that I’m not taking anything for granted. We’ve got to work really hard for the next three and a half weeks because who knows what can happen."

Watch the interview, below:

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