Does this really sound fair to you? The city of Boston Massachusetts Council is actually considering a proposal that would make the amount of your parking ticket based on your income.

Fox Business News is reporting on this proposal presented to the Boston City Council that simply said determines how much you would pay for a parking ticket would depending specifically on how much you make.

Boston city councilor at-large Julia Mejia wrote on Twitter.

I am introducing legislation on income-adjusting parking tickets so low-income families don’t have to decide between paying a parking ticket or putting food on their table

According to a recent report range from anywhere from $15 to $120. Why is this a big deal in Boston, well in 2019 Boston issued more than 1 million parking tickets.  Can you believe that more than a million tickets and those tickets are a big moneymaker for them raking in more than $61 million?

Why should someone pay a higher fee for the same offense just because they make more money than them?


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