With Covid-19 cases skyrocketing in Michigan and all over the U.S., there is a safe Thanksgiving option.

The state of Michigan is currently averaging nearly 7,000 new daily Covid-19 cases with 55 Michiganders passing away each day.  These godawful numbers have lead Governor Gretchen Whitmer to tighten regulations on local business and ask that we limit or cancel our Thanksgiving travel plans.  If Thanksgiving is your favorite Holiday like me, this is just another reason to hate 2020.  However, we can try to look at the silver lining.  We'll save money on travel this year.  Not to mention, we can video chat with our family.  Clearly, that's not the same as having Thanksgiving dinner with the people you love.  But we have to do what we can for the health and well-being of others.  Which includes our older or more vulnerable family members.

That must be why Zoom tweeted the announcement last Tuesday that they are lifting the 40 minute limit on video calls from 12 AM Thursday morning to 6 AM Friday Morning eastern time.

I realize there are people that passionately disagree with and resist orders and requests from Governor Whitmer and the Health Department.  I do hope we can find some peace over the Holidays and do the best we can to show our thanks while we respect the health of our fellow Michiganders.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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