A man was arrested Sunday morning, after struggling with Battle Creek police officers and dropping a handgun from his pocket.

The incident began at 4 AM when officers responded to a call of a loud vehicle in the area of Walter Street and Hanover.

After stopping the vehicle, officers observed a gun in the car and attempted to remove a male suspect from the backseat. He attempted to break free from the officers grasp, dropping a gun from his pocket. Authorities got the upper hand and subdued the suspect and a identity check revealed that the 30 year-old man had a five count felony warrant for his arrest on various charges, including attempted murder and armed robbery.

The man was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in an auto and two guns were taken as evidence on the new felony charges.

Calhoun County Sheriff deputies assisted in the arrest and the suspect is now lodged in the Calhoun County Jail.