Grassroots efforts across Michigan to enact local ordinances or resolutions protecting 2nd Amendment rights are growing. The Jackson County Board of Commissioners is the latest local governmental unit in Michigan to approve a resolution supporting 2nd Amendment rights. The commissioners were first presented with the proposal early last month. The resolution supports the county Sheriff and Prosecutor in efforts to refuse to enforce unconstitutional firearms restrictions against any citizen. The original resolution presented to the full Jackson County Board of Commissioners originally declared the county a 2nd Amendment “sanctuary” County. But some board members thought that would make people connect it to so-called sanctuary cities nationwide that use that term to indicate protection for illegal aliens. So the board opted to go with the characterization of  “2nd Amendment refuge county” instead.

13 Michigan counties have approved similar resolutions. Some county boards have rejected the approach, saying it is only symbolic and carries no weight. Supporters say there’s nothing wrong with being symbolic and making a statement in support of 2nd Amendment rights.

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