All excuses for why you can't vote just went right out the window.

Meet Mildred Madison. A 94 year old woman who just took a 6 hour round trip to make sure that her vote was counted in the upcoming election.


According to the CNN, Ms. Madison is a Detroit resident but went to stay with one of her sons in Illinois when she fell ill at the end of 2019. Then, the pandemic hit so she stayed where she was. When her requested absentee ballot didn't arrive, she took action.

Not wanting to miss her chance to vote and with her son behind the wheel, the pair took off towards Detroit on a 330 mile trip. That's 330 miles each way. Suddenly, driving down the road and waiting in line for 20-50 minutes doesn't seem so terrible.

Whoever she's voting for, it's clear that Mildred Madison understands the importance of making your voice heard. In a quote to CNN, she said,

At least I made it. I made it and voted for the people I wanted to vote for, and I hope they win. But I felt satisfied that I was not going to miss voting. I've been voting in every election, whether it was city, state, county or national for the last 72 years.

As a new resident to Michigan I can tell you that the process to make sure I was registered to vote wasn't the easiest. With the SOS office booked until December it took a few extra steps but it's done. And now I know that my voice will be heard come election day.

The deadline to register to vote has already passed in Michigan but if you are registered you can request an absentee ballot here. And, if come election day you find yourself hesitant to stand in line in what I assume will be less than perfect weather conditions just think of Ms. Mildred Madison and her journey to cast her vote. If she can do can we.

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