Love comes in many forms, and one the best is family. So this Valentines Day, show your family some love!

Valentines Day is a day to celebrate love, so why not celebrate your incredible family?!

Instead of hoping to land a great table at your favorite restaurant, or fingers crossed the dozen roses you bought our fresh, stay home with the family.  has 5 fun and inexpensive ways to spend Valentines Day with your family!

1. Whip up some chocolate fun...

 Cooking is a great way to open lines of communication and reconnect as a family. Turn off the TV, turn on some tunes and bake away.

Nothing tastes better than homemade cookies or cakes. And they taste even better when everyone takes part in the baking process. The only concern you will have is who gets to like the spoon.

2. Have a game night...

Turn off the technology and get back in touch with each other during a Valentine game night.

Board and card games will create laughter and great memories for a lifetime! You could always pick up the board game 'Kalamazoo: On Board, Real Estate Trading Game". the game is very similar to Monopoly, so there are some lessons loaded into this fun game.

3. Have a Valentines Day movie marathon...

Want a quieter Valentine’s Day? Settle down for a low-key night of family movie fun. If you’re like us, busy schedules rarely allow time for family movie night. So, use Valentine’s Day as a time to enjoy some movies — you can’t go wrong with the old-school Princess Bride or Lady and the Tramp movies. Be sure to pop up some popcorn or make a special snack.

If you ask me, the Wizard of Oz, or the Sound of Music would also be great picks for a family movie night.

4. Get outside...

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about indoor activities. Get the family out for a nature hike at a local park or, if it’s snowy, make it a family sledding day. You’ll get some exercise and then have an excuse to make some mugs of homemade hot chocolate like to get everyone warmed up.

Building a snow person or heading over to Echo Valley would be a perfect afternoon!

5. Deliver Valentines to a nursing home or shelter...

Do you have some crafters in your family? Get out the craft paper, some markers, stickers and whatever else your crafty heart fancies and get busy on making some unique Valentine cards. Then gather them all up and take them to a shelter or a nursing home and hand them out to the residents!

How fun to make sweet cards then deliver them to Hallmark Living Kalamazoo. The homemade cards and name of the nursing home match up perfect. And another great pairing would be hot chocolate well you prepare the cards!

This sweet holiday, do what is greatest for your heart, and I suspect that is being with those you love!


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