This week Michigan residents voted in the primary elections to throw their weight behind one of the Democratic or Republican delegates. This of course opened the door for parents and teachers to talk about politics with some of the younger Michiganders in our area. What this 7 year old drew when asked about a presidential candidate will blow you away.

Photo Courtesy Of Heather Butts Cross
Photo Courtesy Of Heather Butts Cross

Lydia is a 7 year old Battle Creek girl who loves life. From her mom's posts on Facebook you can tell that this girl is outspoken and sure of herself. But when her teacher asked her to draw a picture of a presidential candidate, it was still a pleasant surprise what she colored on her page. Lydia's mom, Heather, posted the photo on her Facebook with the caption...

In art class, Lydia was asked to draw a picture of a presidential portrait. This is what she chose to draw!! Her teacher: "I thought this was supposed to be a presidential portrait"?
Lydia: "It is!"

How refreshing to see a young girl's unbiased, unsolicited photo of what a presidential candidate could look like. It is a wonderful reminder to not be stuck in any certain box of opinion about what person is fit for what job. It is never too early to instill an appreciation of the political process in your children! Maybe someday we'll be voting for you Lydia!


Tips For Talking To Kids About Politics (From

  • Share Your Opinion, But Let The Child Have Their Own As Well
  • Seek Out The Positive Amidst The Often Negative Coverage
  • Read Kid Friendly Books that Relate Politics To School Scenarios
  • Talk At The Level Of Your Child's Understanding



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