The Fuller Theater on Burdick street in Kalamazoo, operated from 1909 to 1953 after surviving a fire. All that remains now is the entrance that has been converted into retail space and the 3rd floor which has been untouched for decades. With a bit of luck on our side, we found the owner of the building,Patricia Hirsch, who was gracious enough to let our crew take a peak at the 3rd floor which has been untouched for years, check out this gallery to learn more.

A Look Inside the Fuller Building

Lost Gilmore Department Store Displays Found

As we left the upper floor we encountered this amazing find. A bird cage that was a display in Gilmore's department store.

John Mason/ TSM
John Mason/ TSM

This was an amazing exploration and again, a big thank you to Patricia Hirsch who owns this building.

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