It's true that every panhandler you see asking for change or any kind of money has their own story, and that just because they may seem to have it together sometimes, things personally may not be going as well as it appears. that could be the case for two Detroit panhandlers who were recently video taped by a man in Detroit, seen hopping into what looks to be a brand new car. In the video you can hear the man conversing with a woman about the two men, who they see on the same street corner everyday:

The video already has over 42,000 views and people in the comment section are going off on them:

These guys are there every day. I go past at least 5 out of 7 days. A--holes. They are portraying themselves one way. When u have younger children who feel that they are in serious need and pull money out of their own pockets. Money that they have worked hard to get. Then u see them walking over getting into a newer vehicle, most likely laughing all the way to the bank. I just feel there are people that really need it. There is a man in the underpass of telegraph and 8 mile. He never begs, I have dropped off supplies, food, water and coffee.

As stated before, there are some people who think that they really are in a tight spot:

I'm pretty sure the dread dude lives in a tent under the freeway bridge. The older man always looking like his back HURTS.

Either way, it can't hurt to continue to support those less fortunate in any way you can, especially those here in Kalamazoo. It's just like everyone else. Things may seem fine on the outside, but not necessarily on the inside.

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