As you read the headline, you will run through the two options and what would be best for you. If you are a potential National Football League draft pick, it's much more realistic.

As the NFL Combine begins Wednesday in Indianapolis for the potential college athletes making their way to the pros, athletic outfitter Adidas has given the athletes some incentive into performing their best (of course with their shoes).

Adidas has put up the challenge for the athletes that will be running the 40-yard dash. In order to potential win this prize, you have to complete the 40-yard dash in record time for the combine. The record is 4.24 seconds, ran by current New York Jets running back Chris Johnson. It also gives some variables for position players that are not typically that fast, where they have to break the combine record for that position.

The caveat is that the athlete breaks the record wearing Adidas shoes and also enter into an endorsement contract with the company.

If the record is broken, the athlete gets an island purchased by Adidas with a maximum value of a million dollars. The athlete also could take the option of just taking a million dollars. If there's a tie, the multiple amount of athletes will split the million-dollar prize.

Since we're all not athletes and have no shot at an NFL career, the question is up to you! Would you take an island purchased by a company for you, or go for the cash?

By the way, here's Chris Johnson's run that set the record...

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