I've been in Kalamazoo since September but I'm still learning new things about the area every day.

For example: The fact that the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership offers something called "Downtown Dollars". Now, I remember during the holidays a promotion was offered to encourage shopping in the downtown area where shoppers could double their holiday dollars with these Downtown Dollars.

Silly me thinking that was a one time thing.

Downtown Dollars are, in fact, available throughout the year. You can purchase them online at either $5, $10 or $20 amounts. They're valid for 5 years from date of purchase.

Telling a co-worker about these downtown dollars he asked, "What's the point? Why wouldn't I just go spend that money downtown?" Which, is a fair question. However, as pointed out on their website, the Downtown Dollars offered by the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership would be more beneficial in bulk.

Say you want provide gifts for your employees for holidays but don't know their favorite spots and don't want to make anyone jealous over who got what gift. Gift them some Downtown Dollars which are accepted at a variety of downtown businesses. See the full list here. They can be used as rewards, school fundraisers, or for any occasion where bulk gift certificates may be needed.

This is in no way a promotion for the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership. I'm just continuously impressed with the constant attention that is brought to local businesses through these types of promotions. It's something I did not experience in my previous home state of Florida.

For example: Did you hear about the new "Ambassador" program that launched just this week? A team of people will be responsible for not only keeping the downtown Kalamazoo area clean but will help visitors as well. See all the details below.

Find more information about Downtown Dollars, the Ambassador Program and everything else going on in downtown Kalamazoo here.

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