Van Buren County Sheriff Daniel Abbott is appearing on the A&E Channel hit TV show LIVE PD this evening. Along with the Sheriff’s segment on the show tonight, we’ll get the chance to see more of what goes in in the county for at least another year. Production crews from the show will be on the road with Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department Deputies now as the show has a new agreement with the department to cover its activities.

The show tonight includes a segment where the Sheriff was involved in the arrest of a man accused of several crimes. The high-speed pursuit ended with the Sheriff using what’s called a Pitt maneuver, using his patrol vehicle to bump the back end of the suspect vehicle to spin it out of control. The suspect's vehicle ended up in a ditch allowing the sheriff and deputies to make the arrest.  The primary suspect was wanted for setting a woman’s car on fire and pointing a weapon at deputies.

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