Here is a "hope it doesn't ever happen to you" story that took place last month, but recently surfaced and has been making the rounds in Michigan during the last few days. A man in northern Michigan had to deal with an unexpected intruder that fell through the ceiling of his home. MLive reports that a badger had taken up residence in the man's basement at some point before it's surprise entrance into them main part of the home from the ceiling.

The man contacted the Michigan State Police saying "it's taking over the house" as the mayhem of a wild animal in a home ensued. Eventually the Michigan DNR was called in for backup to help get the furry intruder cornered. When the conservation officer responded, the badger had become confined in the enclosed porch of the home. They worked to block entry back into the main portion of the house and using the door to the porch, entered and used a catch pole to capture the animal and bring it outside.

Authorities searched the house for any other intruders, but none were found and the access point in the basement has now been covered. There were no reports on what kind of damaged was caused.

The incident just leaves one more thought to ponder: If a badger made its way into a home in Michigan, can it be expected that a wolverine will enter a home in Wisconsin?

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