A fixture in downtown Sturgis since 2008, Boundary Waters Kitchen & Bar has no plans to close, despite rampant rumors.

How some rumors get started is often a mystery. These salacious tidbits of "exclusive knowledge" gained from "trustworthy sources" can be spread even quicker than before thanks to the internet. Things got so out of hand that Boundary Waters Kitchen & Bar was forced to set the record straight. On its Facebook page, restaurant owners denied rumors of their impending closing with ALL CAPS and emphasized their dedication to the town of Sturgis, their customers and employees. Here's the post:

Fans of Boundary Waters were relieved:

  • Thank goodness!!
  • Good to hear this. Yes, I had heard you were closing
  • Never heard the rumor, certainly happy to hear you will still be in business to serve our town. Keep up the great food and service, we would hate to lose such a fine restaurant!!!
  • Never heard it but so glad your staying open. Great food and great service.
  • I love to meet my friends there to eat so I’m thrilled that you are not closing!

Even though Sturgis was named "Michigan's Most Redneck City," surf & turf prevails against Hot n Now as fine dining will remain in downtown Sturgis at Boundary Waters.

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