Calhoun County Board of Commissioners Chairman Steve Frisbie is supporting the Starr Commonwealth move to house migrant children at its facility near Albion. Sort of.
Chairman Frisbie is writing on his Facebook page that the decision is diluting, if not threatening, vital services for Calhoun County residents.  Frisbie says the situation is unacceptable.  On his personal Facebook page, Frisbie points to early discussions between county leaders and administrators at Starr Commonwealth. He says the Starr Commonwealth people said in no way would county resources be needed or required to help with the housing of migrant children at Starr.  The feds they said, would be covering all the bases.  Frisbie says in short order it has become clear that assertion by Starr leadership was well off the mark.

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He says federal agencies are now strong-arming local agencies to step in to help.  Quoting Frisbie, “Local resources such as hospitals (understandably), childcare/education, and mental health are now being sourced locally and pressured by their federal oversight agencies to provide services on the Starr Commonwealth campus.”

Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie. WBCK TSM File Photo
Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie. WBCK TSM File Photo

County Board Chairman Frisbie says no one should take his comments as a negative view of the kids being caught up in the sad situation. He says they deserve to be treated humanely and anyone who disagrees does not have his respect. Frisbie adds, “No human being should be treated as they have been by President Biden’s administration.  President Biden’s shameful and inept handling of the border should not lead to the human atrocities now have confirmed to be occurring.”

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