Starr Commonwealth in Albion continues to be at least a temporary residence for dozens of migrant children who’ve made it across America’s southern border. Since Starr was established as an interagency partner with the US Health and Human Services Department, migrant boys from age 5 up through 17 have been brought to the site. Many have since left.

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The first group of migrant boys brought to Starr early last month, numbered about 100.
Interim population reports from the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement show the number jumped and then began dropping as many of the boys were taken to other locations. In some cases, they’ve been turned over to family members, or people the government terms sponsors.

The latest count at Starr now shows about 50 are being cared for at the facility. Starr has a capacity ceiling of 224 kids. So far, only boys have been housed at Starr. The government reports similar housing agreements with over 200 facilities in 22 states scattered across the country.

Calhoun County Board of Commissioners Chairman Steve Frisbee was raising a red flag in the early going about federal agencies strong-arming local service agencies to help out at Starr without providing compensation for services. That in turn says Frisbee, put a damper on local residents receiving needed services.

Then just two weeks ago, Calhoun County Sheriff Steve Hinkley offered remote testimony to a US House committee about the same issue and his department being asked to help at the site but offered no budget to cover costs of having deputies there for security.

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