At noon on Saturday, August 8, the Michigan Capitol lawn will see the return of famed replicas of the historic Civil War cannons that Michiganders took into battle over 150 years ago to fight against slavery and protect our Union.

A Journey Through Hallowed Ground
Joe Raedle; Getty Images News

Two Civil War, 10-pound Parrott guns once flanked the walkway that leads to the front entrance of the Michigan Capitol. The Michigan Capitol was dedicated to the memory of Michigan’s Civil War soldiers, and the cannons symbolically protected the building’s main entrance.

With the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, Senators Michael Kowall (R-White Lake) and Steven Bieda (D-Warren) spent the past two years raising money to bring exact replicas of the guns back to the State Capitol. Every dollar raised was from private funds—no taxpayer money was spent.

The ceremony is scheduled for Noon on Saturday, on the front lawn of the State Capitol. This is a free event as the Loomis cannons are restored to the front of the Capitol. This historic and fun event will be great for the entire family. For more information go to The event will include:

Civil War re-enactors, firing of Civil War cannons, an original Loomis cannon on display,
a President Abraham Lincoln re-enactor, and much more.

Source: Release from Sen. Mike Kowall

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