Yes, I may have a chip on my shoulder about this. If you're a Michigan State fan, you might understand this better than those other guys who think they own the place.

Chicago White Sox Victory Parade
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

ESPN goofed this weekend...they put up a graphic that compared championships, Chicago vs. Cleveland, since 1965.

Again, if you're Michigan State, you understand. Heck, if you're a Lions fan, you understand. No respect. But it happened. Even Steve Perry was there. "Don't Stop Believin' was the team's anthem.

Max Bretos, from ESPN, after first tweeting worlds to the effect of "get over it", sent out a tweet later saing, if  he ran into any fans with hurt feelings, he'd buy them a beer.

#23, Jermaine Dye tweeted as much. He was the World Series MVP. Check out his twitter account.@JermaineDye

It has a picture of him holding the World Series trophy. Really.

To borrow a line from another popular ESPN show. "C'mon, man!!!!".

You know who also gets no respect. Rodney Dangerfield.

(Brian Mills via YouTube)


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