Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water...

The Michigan summer has taken a long time to arrive, and now with less then 2 months to enjoy out door fun, some beaches are shutting down.

Mlive is reporting the sad news that our beaches are dangerous to our health...

High bacteria counts from stormwater runoff or other, unknown sources has closed or prompted contamination advisories at nine beach areas across Michigan. The notifications were made as part of the  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Beach Guard system.

If you are thinking about spending a day at the beach, playing in the surf, here are the places you should avoid...

  1. Reed Lake, Oakland County - CLOSED
  2. Ross Lake, Beaverton City Park in Gladwin County - CONTAMINATION ADVISORY (not closed but I still would not dip my toes in).
  3. Campbell Lake - Robert Morris Park, Kalamazoo County's Comstock Township - CONTAMINATION ADVISORY (this beach is right in our backyard).
  4. St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach, Macomb County - CLOSED (a beach located less then 3 miles from my parents house).
  5. Eagle Lake - Lakeland Estates in Oakland County - CLOSED
  6. Lake St. Helen - Richfield Township Public Fishing Site, Roscommon County - CONTAMINATION ADVISORY
  7. Lake Gogebic - Gogebic County Park in Gogebic County - CONTAMINATION ADVISORY (this one is a real downer because this area has campgrounds and boat launches).
  8. Lake Gogebic - Lake Gogebic State Park Beach - CONTAMINATION ADVISORY

It is important to remember that a contamination advisory should be taken seriously.