UPDATE: The officer in question, Bobby White, returned and brought a special guest with him -- Shaquille O'Neal, who made not only these kids' day, but probably their whole year.

Talk about community relations.

A police officer in Gainesville, Fla.responding to a call about kids being noisy while playing basketball decided to get in on the action himself:

The officer could not have handled the matter any better. Instead of showing up and throwing his weight around, he let the kids keep playing and joined in the fun, as well.

As you can see, the kids were just having some innocent fun, so the officer played with them -- he even dunked on the basket when it's lowered! -- before gently reminding them to keep it down while continuing to have fun.

Considering all the controversy we seem to hear about police conduct, this is a nice reminder than the men in blue can also be our friends while serving and protecting.

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