This guy's great to have around when you need a hand...or a face...or any body part, really.

Chicago's Jamie Keeton has an unusual talent, as he readily admits:

I can stick things to my body with no glue."

Keeton discovered his ability about 16 years ago at a baseball game. Since then, he's learned he has a rare skin condition -- only about four people in the world have it -- in which objects stick to his body. As he says, he's like "a human suction cup," a sort of mutant you may well expect to see in a comic book instead of simply passing you by on the street.

This being America, Keeton has turned his condition into a business. He now goes by the name Can Head and is paid to stick cans and bottles on his body while at various hot spots (isn't America great?), which means -- bad joke ahead -- he can stick some money in his pocket.

He's even caught the attention of Hollywood and has appeared on Ellen, while also meeting some celebrities along the way.

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