"They aren't just police officers, they are normal people just like us!" says a mom who needed help and found a friend. It is a day the officer won't forget either.

You know how hot it can be in Michigan on the 4th of July. Sometimes we'll get 90 degree days with heat indices topping 100. Imagine running out of gas and being stranded...with an infant child. A nightmare situation the mom would rather forget turned into a memorable day for Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety Officer Larison.

Note: This story is from 2017 but has resurfaced on social media and has gone viral again.

The unidentified mother was on her way home from the Kalamazoo Farmer's Market when she ran out of gas. Baby Myla started screaming almost immediately in the heat. In a near panic once she found out that a tow truck couldn't get to her with an emergency gas can for at least an hour, the mom called the police.

Officer Larison arrived and let the "frazzled mama" and Myla cool off in her air-conditioned cruiser. She then told the mother to cancer the tow truck and called a fellow officer for backup- and a gas can. What happened while they waited was pure magic.

Even though the story is a from July 4, 2017, Heroes America re-shared it on their Facebook page. Read the complete account and find out how a cops best day on the job isn't always the day she got the bad guy.

Encounters and testimony like this is a good reminder that:

They aren't just police officers, they are normal people just like us! These men and women only want to do good, they have hearts too. Don't let the very few who aren't, be the image you portray for all of them. This is what police officers do. This is why they matter!

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