You are entitled to your own opinion, even if it is wrong. Michigan's favorite 80s movie is not the one with the guy who does that thing.

Who doesn't love 80s movies? Some of the best were the coming of age stories we watched wile we were coming of age. Granted, some have aged terribly as cultural mores change (I'm looking at you, "Porky's") others are truly timeless. looked at the best 80s movies by state and found that "one of the biggest trends we noticed is people tend to love ‘80s movies that were either filmed or set in their state." For Michigan, however, this is not the case.

Michigan's favorite is a perfectly fine movie- very good, in fact, but it has nothing to do with Michigan. There are plenty of great 80s movies with Michigan connections. In "The Big Chill," the friends gathered for the funeral were U of M classmates. Spartan alumni on vacation together were the protagonists of "Evil Dead." "Beverly Hills Cop" was a huge 80s movie that starred Eddie Murphy as a Detroit cop on vacation in California.

None of these were chosen as Michigan's favorite 80s movie.

I would have even been happy with "The Blues Brothers," shot in nearby Chicago and featuring so many Windy City landmarks.

What about "Robocop"?

None of the above were ranked as Michigan's favorite 80s movie. Have you guessed yet? See Michigan's favorite and those from the Midwest below.


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