If you live in Michigan or Florida, you could soon receive your Domino's delivery without a driver.  That leaves me with questions.

A Ford Fusion Hybrid could be delivering your pizza soon.  Similar to Uber, you can track your delivery via text or GPS.  Domino's and Ford are now in their second round of testing according to NYDailyNews.com,

Last summer, Domino's began testing new self-driving Ford vehicles in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the pizza chain is headquartered. Now these cars are making their way to warmer climates for a two-month trial in a larger city: Miami, Florida. But this time around, things are going to be a little different.

Down in the Sunshine State each Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicle will appear to be delivery boy-less, but will actually be manually driven. Miamians participating in the second round of testing can track their order via GPS and receive text messages as the vehicle approaches. This includes a four-digit code needed to unlock the heat-wave compartment in which steamy pizzas await.

Here are my questions:

#1.  Do I have to tip for a driver-less delivery?

#2.  Will a "driver-less delivery fee" be tacked onto my bill to help pay for this technology?

#3.  How many people will companies like Domino's lay off when the testing process is complete?

Clearly this is the direction that everything from package and food delivery to public transportation is heading in the near future.  I fear we've all been so focused on the safety of self-driving vehicles that enough thought hasn't been put into the massive job loss.

But then again, I probably won't have to tip a driver...so, there's that.

Large-scale production of these vehicles are expected to begin in 2021.  That's only 3 years away.  What do you think of driver-less delivery?  Let us know in the Facebook comments or on Twitter.


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