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It appears that our Department of Justice does not have enough work to keep them busy so they are now venturing into NCAA Football and their satellite football camps.

I would have thought they might be busy with, I don't know, the Hillary Clinton email issue. You know letting other countries read our countries secrets and possible future policies.

The USA Today is reporting that the DOJ is now weighing in on the big national problem of satellite football camps in college football.  I am glad they are on the job, aren’t you.

The U.S. DOJ has apparently started an informal inquiry on these satellite football camps because they fear that the NCAA ban on these camps may interfere on the opportunity of some players to show the talent they may have to play Division 1 football.  This is a way for those overlooked high school football players to draw interest from college coaches that may have overlooked them.

Sounds like a great idea to me and what does it matter to the Federal government if a coach has these camps or not.

The NCAA Division I Council on April 8th voted to ban these satellite camps.  Satellite camps was brought into the national spotlight by our own Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh.  This year coach Harbaugh had these “satellite camps” scheduled this summer in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Florida and Texas.

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors is slated to meet on Thursday in Indianapolis to approve rules, including the ban, passed by the council.

Is this an issue our ever expanding government needs to waste our taxpayer dollars and time on?  I think not.  Whether you are for or against them I believe we can all agree that the Federal government does not need to get involved.

Or do you believe they need to be involved.

Although I do not have a problem with college coaches having these “satellite camps”, to me this is yet another example of our Federal government sticking their ever growing nose into something they have no business being in.

When will this intrusion madness end?

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