Seeing a new variation of Dragon's Milk will always get my attention. And this one maybe more than others. In just a few weeks, in February, New Holland Brewing is coming out with Dragon's Milk White.

What's different? The two most obvious things are 1.) It's golden color, and 2.) It's ABV is only 6.0%. And Dragon's Milk White will be available in cans.

The original, deep-brown Dragon's Milk (11 percent ABV) and its many "Reserve" variants such as Banana Coconut, S'mores and Raspberry Lemon, have been sold in bottles. The original version, introduced in 2001, is one of Michigan's — and the country's — first bourbon-barrel-aged stouts to be sold year-round. - Detroit Free-Press

New Holland on it's Dragon's Milk website describes the newest member of the Dragon's Milk family as "a full flavored White Stout with strong notes of vanilla, cocoa, coffee roast, and oak from its time in bourbon barrels, drinkers can expect a smooth, velvety mouthfeel that compliments the flavor profile. A lighter stout drinking experience..."

New Holland Brewing is scheduled to open a brew pup in downtown Battle Creek this summer. This might be an nice way to try Dragon's Milk White on tap.

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