State health experts have another noteworthy medical issue to keep track of outside of the COVID-19 virus this year. And it’s another virus.  It’s one we’ve been dealing with for a while. Eastern Equine Encephalitis. The Michigan Health and Human Services Department now reports at least 10 horses throughout the state are testing positive. No people in the state so far are confirmed to have contracted the mosquito-borne virus.  Nationwide, three human cases are confirmed in Massachusetts.

It’s a deadly virus. Typically, one-third of the humans who contract Triple-E will die.  There is a vaccine to protect horses, but none for humans. Michigan experienced a notable outbreak in 2019. State physicians report ten state residents contracted the virus that they know about, and 6 died. That is well over the normal fatality rate. 20 counties, most in the Southern Lower Peninsula, saw confirmed Triple-E cases, including Calhoun County and several surrounding counties. The state recommends doing what you can to prevent mosquito bites.

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