Almost 19,000 dogs and cats have homes thanks to "Empty The Shelters" events. If you're looking to add Fido or Princess to your family, the next "Empty The Shelters" event is Saturday, May 5th. And here's the information if you're in Kalamazoo  and Southwest Michigan.Chances are, if you're a listener to Marshall and McGregor, you're familiar with the Kalamazoo SPCA. They are participating in this national effort from 11a-4pm at 6955 W KL Ave in Kalamazoo. The national sponsor, the Bissell Foundation, pays all the adoption fees. (Disclaimer from Kalamazoo SPCA: Not all of our animals will be fee waived/sponsored. Only the ones that have been with us for 4 month or more and those that are considered seniors. When the event gets closer, we will mark which dogs and cats will be participating. The other adoptable animals will be available for adoption but at their normal adoption fee.)

There are numerous other organizations also helping "Empty The Shelters", in South Have, Barry County, Battle Creek and more. Here's a map of locations. All these places expect to be busy on Saturday, so check the website for information.

Something you might find interesting, event sponsor Cathy Bissell of the Bissell Foundation not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, as she has been behind not only finding forever homes for so many animals, but also has been behind many events where animal shelters were rehabbed. And animals are welcome and treated with respect at Bissell world headquarters in Walker.




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