Battle Creek residents were startled by strange lights strobing the Hart-Doyle-Inouye Federal Center late on March 6. UFOs? Ghosts? Aliens? Russians?

Speculation ran rampant on Facebook (after all, that's what Facebook is for) about the cause of the lights that wildly flashed on and off throughout all 6 stories and the towers of one of Battle Creek's oldest facilities. Some believed it must be a haunting of the venerable building, whose history stretches back to the 19th century. Many agreed it was eerie and a creepy feeling prompted Sherry to capture this chilling video. The contrast of the stillness and quiet of the night and the frenetic lights add to the chill factor.

Amanda revealed the true cause: "They are installing new fire systems in the building and have been for a while now. It’s a big job. They were testing it. There are strobe lights all througout." [sic]

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