If it seem like it's a littel more crowded around here these days, chances are, it is. Michigan's population grew by more than 19,000 persons.

According to the Detroit News, The U.S. Census Bureau says, as of this past July, Michigan's population is just short of ten million residents, at 9,995,915. Michigan's highest population was in 2004 when there were over ten million humans (10,055,315) living here. Of course, the Great Recession followed. Employment figures release this week show that Michigan unemployment rate is currently 3.9%. The low unemployment rate combined with some recovery in the economy, especially in Michigan automotive industry, may explain some of the population growth. Recent job cut announcements by the Big Three automakers though could see the population growth figures go in the opposite direction, especially figuring in the "trickle down" effect to Michigan based auto supplier for the Big Three.

No up-to-date census figures were announced broken down by county, so Kalamazoo County's population is 262,985; Calhoun County's is 134,128.

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