For so many years the leaders of foreign countries could predict with almost certainty how our past American Presidents would react to what they were going to do.  That is certainly what the leaders of the rogue countries headed by evil people such as Iran, North Korea, Syria and Afghanistan bet on and won.  In fact Syria played Obama like a fiddle and knew he did not have the courage to do anything when they crossed his red line.

That has stopped with President Trump and I believe that is a good thing.  Most of the establishment government buffoons will probably disagree with me.  You know the ones who have screwed up everything for the last 5 decades.

With the killing of General Qassem Soleimani Bloomberg News has a headline that reads “U.S. Killing of Soleimani Leaves Trump ‘Totally Unpredictable”.  When I saw that headline I said good.

They wrote:

Three years into Donald Trump’s presidency, U.S. allies and adversaries thought they had him figured out as a leader prone to bellicose talk who rarely delivered on his boldest military threats.

That all changed Thursday with Trump’s decision to kill a key Iranian commander in the biggest foreign policy gamble of his time in office.

When the bad guys can not predict how an American President is going to react to their bad deeds they might think twice about committing them.

Gerard Araud, a former French ambassador to the U.S. and the United Nations, said:

The Americans are now totally unpredictable...There was no response to Iranian attacks against oil tankers, a U.S. drone and Saudi oil fields, but out of the blue comes this surprising hit on Soleimani. We are depending on the unpredictable reaction of one man.

Keep the bad guys guessing President Trump, don’t let the establishment guys who have failed us forever steer you in their appeasement/fear direction.

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