Many people have come to realize that President Trump thinks outside of the box.  Some condemn him for that and others praise him for that. I personally like that we have a President who thinks differently because all of the previous Presidents before him, except for President Reagan, have all failed to move the ball forward on any issue the American people face.

Well, now we have some inside information confirming what many of us thought.  Last Friday at the conference of Florida chapters of the Federalist Society former White House counsel Don McGahn was asked about his former boss, President Trump.  

The AP is reporting that Don McGahn said that:

He goes through a decision-tree faster than anyone I’ve seen, to get where he thinks the situation is going to go...He thinks differently than anyone else I’ve represented.

At that conference of conservative lawyers and scholars Don McGahn said that President Trump thinks much differently than any other client he has ever had and the President often contradicts common wisdom “but then it works”.

Maybe that is why he is accomplishing successes where no other President has before him.  He is actually thinking outside of that box that too many Presidents before him were told to stay in, which then dictated how they acted because if they thought or acted outside that box the “news media” might attack them mercilessly. President Trump realized that no matter what he did or how he did it the “news media” was going to mercilessly attack him.

President Trump, please keep contradicting common wisdom and thinking “differently” if it continues to “work”.

Americans just want our elected politicians to move the ball forward on the issues that we Americans face and not just talk about them incessantly and end up doing absolutely nothing about them.

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