How about a three-day weekend every week? A Mid-Michigan school is moving to a Monday through Thursday schedule for students.

Saginaw Learn 2 Earn Academy is a high school for grades 10-12 whose mission is "to provide a quality education that engages and empowers students, now and in the future, to succeed in school, work, and their community." They're doing it in a whole new way: making most Fridays optional.

A four-day school schedule has just been approved by the Michigan Department of Education and ABC-12 reports that Fridays "will be reserved for special programs, make-up work, tutoring, or other activities." Some Saginaw Learn 2 Earn Academy students are non-traditional, up to 26 years old and the idea is We accommodate different education styles and schedules to give students the best opportunities to learn and grow.

As you can imagine, students have to be excited about this, with staff members also looking forward to a more flexible way to accommodate students' special needs and a better work-life balance. Do you think this would work state-wide?

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