This really could not get any funnier or some would say sadder. 

The person who ran on fixing “the damn roads” has with her veto pen axed $36.9 million from fixing those “damn roads”.

Instead of increasing spending on our roads an additional $375 million dollars, which the Republicans wanted to do and appropriated the funds to do so, the Governor has decreased spending $36.9 million.

So the question is why did Governor Whitmer run on “fixing the damn roads” as well as back in June of 2018 tweeted:

Michigan's roads are more than an embarrassment, they're downright dangerous. I have a real plan to get Michigan’s roads back into shape.

Are we to believe anything she says?  Sure she can say I did not get the 171% State gas tax increase I demanded so I vetoed all additional spending.  My response to that would be: so you bit off your nose to spite your face, how that work out for you?

You could have taken this additional spending and negotiated more for the next budget, as you agreed with Republican leadership that you would do.

As the Michigan Capitol Confidential news site reported:

The cut also contrasts with the $338 million increase approved last week by the Legislature. This would have raised state transportation spending to $3.978 billion, a 9.2% increase with no tax hike.

A 9.2% increase in road funding without a tax hike, now that is interesting.

Governor Whitmer could have accepted what the Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate passed and then gone into negotiations with them and attempt to get her 171% tax increase on our state per gallon gas tax.  Instead of promise one thing during her campaign and not deliver it once elected, like her mentor Obama did when it came to reforming our immigration policy.  Obama promised the Latino community and the rest of American he would do so in the first year of his first term and never attempted to do so in his 8 years in office.

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