Did you know that there are currently more than 33 cities throughout the United States that have passed an ordinance labeling themselves a “sanctuary for the unborn”.  Hillsdale Michigan would like to be number 34.

According to reporting by MLive Hillsdale City Council was to consider such an ordinance at Monday evening's city council meeting. This city proposed ordinance would make it illegal within the city for:

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  • any physician or person to perform abortions
  • any physician or person to provide abortion-inducing drugs at any stage of pregnancy in the city
  • any person who knowingly aids in an abortion, this would include “providing transportation to an abortion provider, providing instructions or providing payment or insurance toward the abortion”

Those who are found to have broken the ordinance could be fined $500 and serve 90 days in jail for each violation. According to the article “the ordinance has exemptions, however, including if the procedure is done as part of an accidental miscarriage, to remove an ectopic pregnancy or if the mother’s life is at risk due to the pregnancy”.

The State Representative for Hillsdale, Andrew Fink, R-Adams Township, said in a statement last week:

“I commend the members of the Hillsdale City Council for taking up this issue to defend the lives of the unborn and encourage them to adopt this ordinance that reflects the crucial values of the local citizens they represent…Our area is deeply rooted in family values and our people are longstanding defenders of the sanctity of life and the right to life that every U.S. citizen is entitled, including those still in the womb.”

To be fair and balanced in my reporting Massachusetts Senator and former Democratic presidential contender Elizabeth Warren stated the following in a Teen Vogue interview:

“Both voting and access to abortion are basic. They're about the functioning of our democracy and about the protection of personal autonomy.”

Abortion is “about the functioning of our democracy”?

She is a sitting U.S. Senator with a lot of power over our lives and she believes the ability to end a baby’s life in the womb is “about the functioning of our democracy”?  You may believe in a woman’s right to abort a baby, that is certainly your right to have your own opinion on that, but to state that it is “about the functioning of our democracy” is outrageous and rather ghoulish.

She then went on to say:

“Protection of the vote means your voice gets heard in government. Protection of access to basic health care means your autonomy as a human being is fully respected by the law. That you will make the decisions about yourself. To me, that’s part of the heart of what all of this is about…This is where the two big fights are shaping up right now.”

She is actually comparing voting rights to aborting a baby!  How shallow is this woman?

Senator Warren then left us with this pearl of wisdom:

“It is a small but intensely focused group of people who want to impose their will on the majority of this nation.”

Apparently, she does not see the hypocrisy in her statement.  Let me help you Senator Warren to understand what you just said.  You believe that Pro-Life people want to impose their will on the nation but you apparently do not believe that Pro-Abortion people are attempting to impose their will on this nation?

Did I get that correct?

Do you now see her hypocrisy or are the Pro-Abortion signs cluttering your view?

The reason I wrote this piece is not to argue the Pro-Life or Pro-Abortion side but to show you the mindset of elected politicians who have control over your life.

Vote informed and cautiously.

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