Courtesy of Unviersity of Arkansas
Courtesy of Unviersity of Arkansas

Renk will be interviewing Dr. Sandra Stotsky at 11:00 am today.  Dr Stotsky was an original member of the United States Common Core Validation Committee.

Dr Stotsky was a senior associate commissioner in the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education from 1999-2003, where she was in charge of the development or revision of the state's K-12 standards in all major subjects (including English language arts, mathematics, science and technology, and history/social science), licensing regulations for teachers and administrators, teacher licensure tests, and professional development criteria. In addition.  She reviewed all states' English language arts standards for the Thomas B. Fordham Institute in 1997, 2000, and 2005.  Dr, Stotsky served on Common Core's Validation Committee in 2009-2010.

We will  be discussing her experience on the Common Core Validation Committee and her thoughts on Common Core, the pros and cons.

For more information about Dr. Stotsky and her thoughts on common core please visit her website at the University of Arkansas.

For information concerning Common Core in Michigan please go to

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