What food combinations have you gotten flack for?

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Taste is subjective. That's why it should come as no surprise that we all tend to have a few peculiar food choices. Some love liver while others can't stomach the thought. The same goes for the foods we combine.

The weather in Michigan has finally cooled so a bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich sounded lovely for dinner on a cold drizzly day. As many now do, I shared a photo on social media. What I did not expect is so many questioning whether crackers should be in soup.

Here is the photo below. Admittedly, there are more crackers than I intended to add. That can happen when you crumble the crackers before adding the soup.

Do I add crackers to stew? No. Nor would I add them to a bowl of chicken and dumplings. But what's wrong with crackers in tomato soup?

Among the comments I received were

You are one of those cracker people!

While others commented

that's not too many! I still see liquid!

That's just the extremes. Who knew adding crackers to soup would upset so many people? That got me thinking. What are other food combinations that seem normal to you but strange to others?

Peanut butter, onion, and dijon mustard sandwich? Yep! Some people love them.

Macaroni and cheese mixed with applesauce? It is indeed a real thing, at least for a few.

There were so many other combinations it would take entirely too long to list but you can listen to more 'strange' combinations yourself from those who love them by clicking play below.

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