For today's installment of Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween, I watched Jingles the Clown last night. It was made in Ypsilanti, MI, and set in "Michigan", and they weren't very specific, making it "the middle of nowhere". Is anyone going to be mad to not get location credit in this movie? No.

Because the movie is terrible.

The movie starts with a sort of "flashback" to a Jingles TV show, and then cuts to Jingles on a home video camera while he kills a couple in front of their kids. Then he kills one of the kids, but the police burst in before he can kill the other little girl.

The cops perform the WORST arrest in movie history, and then just decide to shoot the clown and dump his body in the middle of nowhere.

Unfortunately, they suck at killing the clown killer, and he butchers the cops and disappears.

Many years later, a TV crew is going to the house to shoot the pilot for their murderers TV show...because of course they are.

Led by the absolute WORST actress available, they also bring the now adult survivor of the original attack. Of course, Jingles is there and begins to kill them, in the most hokey, off-camera ways he can. The budget for editing must have been lower than what they had for "actors".

If you're creeped out by clowns, or they outright terrify you, this movie is probably really scary. Otherwise, not at all. Either way, this is one to skip. Unless, of course, you just want to get your "made in Michigan" achievement unlocked.

Then, grab some popcorn and try to enjoy!

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