The listing is "real estate only" which means you don't get the Dairy Queen franchise if you buy the property at 3300 Gull Road.

If you dream of all all-you-can-eat-foot-long chili dogs chased with a brownie batter blizzard, you will be disappointed. The Dairy Queen store on Kalamazoo's Northeast side is for sale but ice cream is sold separately. Callendar Commercial has the listing as "real estate only," indicating the franchise is not included.

If you wanted to start your own D-Q, you'd need a 3/4 million dollar net worth and $400k in liquid assets to begin the soft serve. Seems you'd have to sell a whole lot of chicken strips and dilly bars to get that initial investment back.

With Dairy Queen apparently on the way out, what business do you think they should put in that location across from Borgess Health & Fitness Center?

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