Have you noticed how cheap fuel prices are at several Kalamazoo gas stations recently? Would you believe that they might even get lower?

According to GasBuddy, prices for regular unleaded are $2.15 as of Friday morning at six locations along the eastern corridor of Kalamazoo, four of them on Sprinkle Rd. They are currently offering the lowest gas prices in all of Michigan. Nine of the top ten cheapest prices are in the state right now are in the Kalamazoo area. Without looking at data, it is doubtful we have seen prices this low at this time of year in a number of years. But why?

It is believed that the Circle K that recently opened at the corner of Sprinkle Rd. and E. "N" Ave. could have sparked this current 'gas war' by offering the cheapest prices in the area to go along with their opening. Gas prices in general are low right now, but not nearly as much as in the Kalamazoo area.

In Portage, the gas stations closest to Kalamazoo are in the $2.23 to $2.25 range. But in southern Portage, it's in the $2.38 to $2.40 range. In Parchment, Galesburg and Vicksburg, gas prices are right around $2.45 at most stations. Battle Creek currently has prices between $2.35 and $2.40.

So how low will it go? I guess we don't know, and we also don't know when it is going to go back up. So fill 'er up!



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