As the Perseid meteor shower ramps up to it's maximum, a new study that looks at areas in the U.S. and Europe with less than 1% of "artificial brightness" at night, has found a few places that qualify in Michigan. In fact, in the eastern portion of the U.S., only Michigan, Maine, Minnesota and Wisconsin had such areas.

According to, the "Light Pollution Science and Technology Institute" found the darkest places in Michigan include "the northern part of Isle Royale in Lake Superior, the northern part of the Keweenaw Peninsula and the stretch of the Lake Superior shoreline from roughly Munising east to Grand Marais in the Upper Peninsula".

Apparently the southern end of Isle Royale is just too lit up. Who knew?

In addition to those areas, Beaver Island and South Fox Island in the northern part of Lake Michigan made the list as well. We had too many porch lights on here in Mid-Michigan.

Not on the list? Headlands International Dark Sky Park, just west of Mackinaw City. (Awkward. You had ONE job, Headlands International "DARK SKY" Park)

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