When driving, walking, running, or even riding a bike many pass so many objects, markers, beings of nature, and many other things that don't cross our mind as significant. The one that comes to mind the most for me, is the mile markers that you see along the side of the highway. They normally are green signs that count by the .2 mile and are for the most part noticeable. At the same time, you could ride past like 40 of those and be almost 5 miles down the road without even noticing the other markers.

Think about how many trees the average person drives, walks, or rides by in a day, week, month, and even year. We fail to realize that some of those trees are just special, but are significant trees. They are trees that signify or mark something within that community but as outsiders we'd never know. The point is, there are so many things within our city limits of Kalamazoo that we have no clue exist.

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After scrolling on Facebook for a while, an image popped up of what is now been identified as an original survey marker, with the question: Does anyone know what this marker is? This is near KL and 1st street. Obviously, a Facebook post like this will generate tons of engagement, but all of it may not be the engagement you were looking for. The original author of the post received many answers to their question, some were helpful and were the answers they were looking for, while others took the opportunity to have some fun.

Cheeky Comments

In the comment section many Kalamazoo residents decided to hop in on the fun and make this post one to remember. The interactions under this post continued to pile up as more natives of Kalamazoo decided to chime in with their own sly remarks of what the marker was. This post reminded me a lot of the memes we see on the internet that say "Who or What is this? Wrong answers only." because everyone just decided right answers weren't acceptable. Under the post you could find responses like:

Looks like the Concrete Sword of Mystery. Think of what powers it could contain. It's to keep track of how tall your kids are. I believe it’s the handle of Thor’s Hammer! It’s Titus Bronson’s walking stick duh. Every time there’s a big foot sighting they mark it with one those. One of the screws that keeps the two halves of the Earth together? I believe that is the sword Excalibur. You now rule Kalamazoo!

I now know for sure that this is a survey, property, or cemetery marker of some sort, thanks to the smart-witted folks on Facebook, but I got more than just knowledge from this encounter. I had one of the best laughs I've had in a long time and I found out that people in Kalamazoo take full advantage of opportunities of to have fun online. There are no dull moments in Kalamazoo, including on the internet.

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