Two pieces of legislation being considered by the Michigan House and Senate could substantially change historic districts in cities across the state, including the five historic districts in Kalamazoo.

The twin legislation, HB 5232 and SB 720, would sunset, or end, any historic districts in the state after 10 years, forcing residents and preservationists to apply anew every decade. Renewing a district’s standing would become much more difficult under the legislation; it would require not only a two-thirds approval of property owners in the district but a majority vote of the entire city in the next general election. Other restrictions would apply as well.

A group known as the Michigan Historic Preservation Network is advocating against dismantling the state's historic districts.

Kalamazoo's Historic Districts

Kalamazoo includes 5 historic districts, Haymarket along Michigan Street, Rose Place, South Street, Stuart and Vine.

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