Whether you go to a University or a State College, continuing your education is an investment. And knowing that you're getting a good return on that investment almost makes spending that money easier.

Kalamazoo College just announced that they've been named on of the 'Best Value' choices for higher education. They were one of 650 schools analyzed by The Princeton Review, a business that focuses on student success. Judging by their website they offer services for test prep, tutoring and evaluating colleges.

Of those 650 institutions, Kalamazoo College placed in the top 200 and was 1 of only 5 schools in Michigan that made the cut.

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So, how did they come to this conclusion? Well, it's all survey based. Both students and administrators were asked a series of questions regarding:

  • Financial aid
  • Costs
  • Graduation rates
  • Career services

And more. Reviews were also made of alumni, their career satisfaction and salaries.

Clearly, Kalamazoo College is doing something right since they placed in the top 200. According to The Princeton Review, students surveyed said that Kalamazoo College,

allows students to really develop personal relationships with their peers and professors,  is a campus run by and for the students, and has an open curriculum allowing students to explore what they want to learn.

Apparently, the schools awarded Best Value in 2021 make up only 1 percent of the 4 year colleges in the nation. And one is right here in our backyard.

College is right around the corner for our area seniors. This could be a excellent choice for your teen. Of course, you should always explore your options. Again, if you'd like to check out The Princeton Review for any resources you may do so here. Or get in touch with Kalamazoo College directly here.

By the way, a Kalamazoo College Alum may be in the next Jordan Peele movie. Catch up with Steven Yeun below:

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