Pet leasing may soon become a thing of the past if Michigan lawmakers get their way.

What is pet leasing? Pet leasing is a deceitful practice, according to State Representatives. Customers are lured into what they may believe to be a loan -- in order to make low monthly payments on animals they may not be able to pay for upfront. What they're really signing is a pet lease agreement.

Some pet owners -- or in this case, pet renters -- often wind up paying much more for their pets than they had anticipated. Pets can be repossessed as lease contracts end and, according to the ASPCA, some people have been expected to continue paying even after their pets have died.

State Representative Bill Sowerby says the practice is "Just wrong."

“Those are real instances, where a person can pay $2500 for a pet and find out your only renting it and at the end of that rental period, they’re paying as much as $6200 total for that pet," Sowerby tells WLNS.

The details of the bill will be announced this afternoon in Lansing.

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